Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, The Wild! are living anything but the cliché faux-California lifestyle the Okanagan is known for. Instead, they are ripe with grit, Southern-fried twang and a give-‘em-hell attitude that has struck a chord with listeners everywhere.

Blending a bold mixture of supercharged rock and roll, blues and equipped punkrock attitude, The Wild! is recognized as being a reckless group of individuals who write music for reckless groups of individuals. “We aim to write music that makes people feel something” says frontman, Dylan Villain. “Whether it’s to dance, yell, fight or just get straight up fuckin’ crazy, we’re writing this music with strong conviction for what we stand for; having a good time in the name of the party and in the name Rock and Roll.”

Further to the point, The Wild! is quick to admit that they draw their influence from their troubled pasts, the road, and good old fashioned parties. Backed by the gratuitous citing by Raw Dog (The Jason Ellis Show) that legitimately labels The Wild! as “Shitkicker Rock”, the band embodies the unpolished backwoods with a sincerity to produce a musical experience that is nothing short of fucking brilliant.

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