Whale and the Wolf is a group of rough around the edges guys who have managed to create a pleasantly refined sound. The group has self-labeled their genre as Erotic Rock, a sound that must be heard to be understood. Each member was reared by musical tastes and interests that were quite stark in comparison to one another, yet the group has found a way to entangle these differences and array a unique sound that stands solitary. The management of these differences has helped to create sonic textures that have blended into an ever interesting and often surprising set of songs.

Whale and the Wolf released their self-titled EP on July, 3rd, 2015. The EP contains six songs, each of which serve as a testament to the broad spectrum of emotions and sounds that one will find when attending a live performance. The entire EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and a host of other online streaming and download services. The EP was awarded Indie Album of the Year by YEG Music Magazine. The same publication honoured their song Shiver with the title of Single of the Year.  The band intends to leave no stone unturned in 2016. A plethora of live performances will be offset by another round of recording. Along for the entire ride will be the ever-present art of songwriting which is a constant companion of the group.  Their namesake conjures up imageries of both beauty and danger, both of which should be expected when you enter the realm of Whale and the Wolf.


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